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According to Norman E. Himes, most strategies of birth control utilized in antiquity have been most likely ineffective. The single most effective method of birth control recognized in antiquity was in all probability coitus interruptus. The historic Greek philosopher Aristotle (c. 384–322 BC) beneficial making use of cedar oil to the womb earlier than intercourse. Aristotle had no knowledge of how conception labored and he probably recommended this believing that the oil’s smoothness would prevent conception.

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According to Himes, many of Soranus’s strategies had been in all probability additionally ineffective. The history of birth control, also known as contraception and fertility management, refers to the methods or gadgets that have been traditionally used to forestall being pregnant. Planning and provision of birth control is called family planning. In some instances and cultures, abortion had none of the stigma which it has at present, making birth control less essential; abortion was in practice a method of contraception. The tablet remains the favourite contraception technique on the market, utilized by 25% of contraceptive users in the U.S. The hormonal IUD is another popular choice (11%), adopted by the injectable, patch, or implant.

Your physician can help you resolve which one is finest for your, based mostly on a variety of well being factors. All strategies are designed to stop being pregnant, but only one type additionally prevents the spread of sexually-transmitted infections . Some forms of contraception can be found over-the-counter at your local pharmacy, while others require a prescription out of your doctor. Most contraception strategies are very effective if they are used appropriately, so choosing a contraception ought to be based on what is most handy for you to use constantly and properly.

What Are The Variations Between Contraceptives?

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A Hippocratic text On the Nature of Women beneficial that a lady who did not desire to conceive a child should drink a copper salt dissolved in water, which it claimed would forestall being pregnant for a year. This method isn’t only ineffective, but also harmful, as the later medical writer Soranus of Ephesus (c. ninety eight–138 AD) pointed out. Soranus attempted to listing dependable methods of birth control.