5 Ways to Overcome Clogged Pores and maintain healthy skin

Facial skin is one of the most common skin problems for everyone. Usually, skin problems that arise can be experienced by all skin types. One of the most common skin problems besides acne is clogged pores. Clogged pores are not very visible but can affect the appearance and overall health of the face.

Generally, clogged pores will form small bumps and make the pores appear enlarged. Although not as annoying as acne, clogged pores also make the skin more textured and of course can affect appearance. If you’re struggling with clogged pores, there’s no need to worry.

1. Clean the face with the double cleansing technique

One of the causes of clogged pores is not cleaning the face properly. This makes dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum accumulate so that pores become clogged more easily. For that, cleaning your face with a facial wash is not enough, you have to do double cleansing, facial pore cleanser helps to clean and maintain your facial skin.

Double cleansing is a facial cleansing step that begins with cleansing oil / balm followed by a facial wash. These two steps are taken to ensure that the remaining makeup, dirt, and sebum are completely removed, so they don’t clog pores. For that, make sure to do double cleansing every day.

2. Using a cleansing device

Not just a gimmick, using a cleansing device is also one way to deal with clogged pores on the face. The cleansing device works to deep clean the pores, so …