Small steps to get healthier bit by bit

During and after Covid-19 most people gained some weight. That is no surprise after such a stressful period. People wanted to make their house cozy and by doing that, snacks magically appeared on the table while watching a nice movie with your family. Now the time has come to lose the magically appeared pounds that came with it. You want to feel healthier again, but you want to do that with as little effort as possible.

Every step is a step forward

Just start with making small changes each time. Instead of eating cookies, eat a bowl of strawberry’s. Instead of eating a bag of potato chips, eat raw vegetables like cucumber or sweet peppers. Drink water instead of juice. And start with walking half an hour each day. In addition, maybe you can find a sport that does not feel like practicing sport. Dance in your living room or under the shower. Stretch a little after coming out of bed and choose the stairs over an elevator. If you mostly work from home now, you could rescue a dog from a shelter. Pets reduce stress and you will be forced to go outside three times a day.

Drink lots of water

When you drink lots of water, your body will be purified. You need food for your brains too, so it will help you to focus better. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a promotion at work. The cleaner your intestines will be, the more energy you will have. And did you know that your fat can pile up next to your liver? This can be very dangerous and will cause several problems. By drinking more water and reducing your sugar intake during the day, your liver will rinse itself. The amount of fat will be reduced in time.

Weigh yourself

Make sure you keep track of your weight and BMI. Weigh yourself each week on the same day and at the same time. Are you looking for a good scale? Maybe you can take a look at a scale by Tanita. You can choose between simpler scales, like bathroom scales, and scales that monitor several other features, like muscle quality, body fat and metabolic age. If you want a scale that measures everything, look for a body composition monitor. Now it is time to start. You can do it if you just start small.